Sample Acceptance:

Nelson Analytical Lab Sample Acceptance Policy (Samples not meeting the following requirements will be brought to the attention of our customers prior to processing, and may be rejected or data that does not meet the above requirements will be appropriately qualified.)

  1. Samples should be transported on ice/ice packs in a cooler, as the temperature will be recorded upon receipt.
  2. Samples should have proper labeling and identification.
  3. Samples should be taken in the appropriate sample containers as supplied by the laboratory.
  4. Samples for Radon or VOC's cannot have air bubbles.
  5. Samples for bacterial testing must be in sterile containers.
  6. Sampling instructions are to be followed as closely as possible.
  7. Samples must have all required info about the customer, sample site, sample date & time, and sampler.
  8. Samples for bacterial testing must be free of Chlorine.
  9. Samples must have adequate volume to perform the necessary tests.
  10. All samples must be received within EPA holding times for all testing (within 30 hours for bacteria).